You can experience the multitude of beneficial effects of mental imagery with your openness to using your imagination, inner wisdom, practice, and a little faith. With mental imagery practice you are the one who creates your own emotional, mental, and physical well-being and joy in your life. With the use of mental imagery you can transform depression, anxiety, physical pain, grief, loneliness, and relationship difficulties, to name a few. Do you want to learn to use your imaginative power to access your unlimited inner knowledge and wisdom? Do you want to use your discovered images from your inner world to gain insight into how you can achieve integrated emotional, mental, physical, social, balance and health? If yes, the following workshop is for you.

Goals and Objectives of the workshop.
What you will learn:

  • the history of mental imagery for health intervention
  • research which shows the benefits of mental imagery in integrative health care
  • about guided imagery as a practice for mind / body health
  • the use of your mind with mental imagery
  • the perspective of how the mind influences the brain and body
  • research on neuroplasticity, and a view toward changing your brain with guided imagery
  • the role of faith in the practice of mental imagery
  • examples of scripted mental imagery exercises to transform mental, emotional, and physical disturbances
  • how to create your own imagery exercises for individual transformation and to achieve your desired reality

You will participate in a guided imagery group exercise where you will discover, see and sense your own images, to be followed by group discussion of your individual experience of images.

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