Mental Imagery Discovery Process Group

The Practice of Mental Imagery for Mind / Body Health and Healing

Mental Imagery, in a positive sense, is using your mind, your imagination to create what you desire for a relaxed, stress-free, satisfying, joyful life. When we tap into our own inner wisdom with the practice of Mental Imagery Discovery we may gain information that is otherwise not always accessible to our conscious thoughts/life. When we further use our creative imagination for what we want to achieve with mental images, we set into motion mind, body, behavior, emotion, and brain changes, that all working together, conspire to help us experience our best possible self!

Do you want to learn and experience how to use three distinct types of Mental Imagery to transform mind/body, and emotional distress associated with the effects of anxiety, stress, depression, or relationship challenges/difficulties? Or to transform your life circumstances to exactly what you desire?

Would you like to participate in a safe, relaxing Mental Imagery Discovery Group exercise where you will discover, see, sense your own images, to be followed by group discussion/process of your individual experience of images?

If so, please join us for our Mental Imagery Discovery Process Group.
Location: Park Plaza Executive Suites
1991 Village Park Way, Encinitas, CA., Suite 2Q
Call Dr. Michelle at 303 929-8269 for payment details, and time and date for next group.