What you will learn

  • What the scientific research tells us about the connection between the mind, brain, mental processing, thoughts, moods, and emotions
  • How negative thoughts contribute to anxiety and depression
  • The term mental image
  • How mental images contribute to cognition
  • The neural and psychological mechanisms inherent to mental imagery
  • Scientific research on the brain and mental imagery
  • How thoughts create one’s reality by intent and imagination
  • How thoughts associated with anxiety, depression, and less than optimal past events can be transformed through the altering of mental imagery
  • How to create new mental imagery for desired outcomes not yet experienced
  • To identify a goal for use in relaxation, guided imagery exercise, visualizing altered images that support desired outcomes
  • How to use progressive deep relaxation
  • How to use mental imagery during progressive relaxation exercise

During the second half of the workshop Dr. Warfield facilitates a group progressive relaxation, guided imagery exercise. During the completion phase of this exercise, you are invited to call to mind a situation you have identified as wanting to change/create with mental images, and focus on altering the mental images in detail, to support your desired outcome you would like to experience.

Once you have learned the experience of creating mental images during deep relaxation, you are primed to continue to develop this skill and maintain impeccable thoughts in your everyday life.

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