Be the Artist of your Mind by Creating Healing Images

Let your mind be the artist that creates your healing, health, and well-being! Learn how you can use the practice of three distinct types of mental imagery for optimal psychological and physiological health and well being. The power of this practice is that you use your own powerful imagination to create healing and optimal health images that are uniquely suited to you! You learn to be your own agent for the optimal change you desire.

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The Use of Mental Imagery in Healing from Trauma

Trauma research shows us that traumatic experience affects the mind, brain, and body. Further, Affective Neuroscience research indicates the relationship between the brain, thoughts, and emotion. Thus, it’s imperative for us to consider holistic types of treatment that will help to heal our mind, body, brain, thoughts, emotions, and spirit. This is where the healing practice of Mental Imagery can help.

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Mental Health Monday

Mental Imagery in the treatment of trauma includes the distinct uses of guided imagery, discovered images, and the altering of distressing images, at appropriate times along the continuum of trauma treatment. Application of each imagery method depends upon the ability to imagine, sense of safety and relaxation, and a few other prerequisites based on individual presentation. Starting with guided imagery for relaxation, a person can later learn how to safely discover images for insight and personal growth, and alter negative images. A consistent practice of imagining healing images may contribute to brain changes that support emotional regulation of traumatic material.

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