Learn how the creation
of your desired reality

…Begins in the form of a thought.

Learn to use your
creative imagination

…And tap into sources of
infinite knowledge.

Learn how to
transform your life

…by seeing and sensing your images.

Learn How Mental Imagery is a Positive and Powerful Practice
that Gives You the Ability to Change Your Life
by Changing Your Thoughts

About Dr. Warfield’s Workshops


Dr. Warfield helps you to recognize how your mind creates the reality you experience, and discover how your mental imagery can transform your emotional, mental, and physical health. She teaches you to create mental imagery that supports optimal psychological and physiological well-being. Dr. Warfield presents the research on the connection between the mind, body, brain, mental processing, thoughts, moods, and emotion. You learn about the research, which shows the benefits of mental imagery, the research on neuroplasticity, and a view toward changing your brain with guided imagery. You acquire knowledge of how to use mental imagery to create your desired outcomes. You learn how thoughts associated with anxiety, depression, and less than optimal experiences can be transformed through the altering of mental imagery.

You will take part in a relaxation guided mental imagery group exercise where you will discover, see and sense your own images. Once you have learned the experience of creating desired mental images during relaxation, you will be primed to continue to develop this skill, and maintain impeccable thoughts in your everyday life.

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Dr. Warfield has been providing
workshops since 1989


Dr. Michelle Warfield is a Clinical and Forensic Ph.D psychologist, licensed in the States of New York, Colorado, and California. She teaches psychoeducational seminars and workshops to bring about positive change. Dr. Warfield has worked with countless numbers of individuals and groups in private practice, in State Institutions and in government. Dr. Warfield is committed to training people to break free from limiting thoughts, develop the skill of using mental imagery and in doing so learn to live balanced and joyful lives.
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What People Say About Dr. Warfield

Dr. Michelle Warfield has shown and reminded me how incredibly powerful our thoughts are in creating and influencing our reality.

Suzanne GladitschLicensed Clinical Social Worker

I am so grateful the universe brought Michelle into my life… Having had many moments of connecting with and feeling safe in her presence, I continue to develop my ability to connect with and feel safe within myself. She is a bright light who can help others recognize their own light…

Suzanne GladitschLicensed Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Warfield has exceptional insight and training that allows her to present to multiple audiences.

Joan SpannringFNP-C

Dr. Michelle Warfield is a prolific professional …her seminars are insightful meetings, moving, powerful,
impressive doorways to self-discovery. Her meetings are paths to living with joy and dignity …providing exciting new reasons for living.

Kathy Lombardi